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This is planned to be a website set up as a pool of information to assist those in crisis world-wide to make the best use of the available plant life in their environs to serve their own health and well-being as well as that of their neighbor, in emergency, in lieu of any other structured programs to enhance well-being that may not be currently available.

Many human beings want very much to aid other folks who may need assistance.  Situations like we have seen lately in Haiti and New Orleans where many suffered before the very eyes of the camera, with organized relief efforts unable to ease their distress, brings home the message that we must prepare ourselves to come to the aid of our neighbor in a suitable way should extreme conditions come upon us. (Remember, "Love your neighbor as yourself: yes, it is a command from the true God). Between weather calamities, power outtages from various factors, landslides, earthquakes, explosions or planned destructive events, famine, food shortages, pandemics, or a myriad of factors related to social upheaval or catastrophe,  man is almost certain to come into some situation where bravery and quick thinking needs to be reinforced by knowlege: knowlege that one may not yet possess.  As few doctors may be immediately on hand to dispense trauma care or prescription medications  during a situation like what  has been encountered  in Haiti; do you not agree that basic understanding of what could be done for a crushed limb, or a small infection,  to keep it from turning deadly, should be taught so as to save lives? Or at least not to be kept from all  but licensed persons whose numbers are not adequate for addressing problems in these these situations? No one wants to think that they themselves could  encounter such tragedy, but in this day and age with news of troubles pouring in from every corner of the globe, facing up to the facts and preparing for a few  negative possibilities is the course of wisdom.  This does not mean simply  making sure we have extra flashlights, batteries, water and food for a day or two, but neither does it mean we must load up on tons of MRE's, buy a cabinet full of shotguns and ammunition, and build a fortified hideout somewhere where we know civilization is bound NOT to be. Learning how to use beneficially the very things we have in our environment will help.   That especially goes for plants and other simple natural materials that can be close  within our reach that can be used for emergency treatment. Only in emergency, though, until  professional help  becomes  available, should one consider injecting a bit of helpful knowledge into a relevant situation due to this society's propensity to satisfy the greed of sue-happy individuals.  I will begin with my own yard, in the next few days, telling some of the value of miracles of heath I have found there. I wish to hear from people in other other parts of the country, state, and world, that are aware of how to utilize the local flora and fauna to help their neighbor in dire emergency and have  share what ever bit of knowledge of how to use it to heal that they may wish.                                                                                                                                 For too long many peoples of the world have been told that they needed to acquire the services of a  local shaman or other practicer of spiritism to tap the  knowledge and value of the plants in their environments  With the explosion of knowlege available on the web and books that we can  now order from the ends of the world, those upright in heart can begin to take the  patently spiritistic aspects of those protocols out of the study of herbalism and utilize clean plant power. We may now be  applying scientific and other techniques to utilize such useful knowledge, quite apart from witchcraft and occult traditions. Those often  employ hallucinogenic and strong narcotics under the guise of a 'religious observance' : yet these prove to be a destructive force rather than an actually beneficial one, bringing ones under questionable influences. We are able, thankfully, in this day and age to proceed to harvest intelligently plants' superb  powers for the benefit of  mankind,  as it has been under command to do for thousands of years.  These gifts were provided in love by a beneficent and Holy Being, Jah, who has no connection to or liking of their occult use;  He is no doubt  eager to restore  appreciation of  their magnificent qualities to  mankind who are  sometimes in desperate need, in order to serve them, as it was meant to be from the start of creation. Because  Jah's Son Jesus is the one 'through whom all things were made' He is a repository for "all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge"  that one needs for upright living, the making of a foot print for ouselves that is truly in harmony with our Creator, mankind and nature. As the Great Teacher He can help us appreciate how to truly benefit ourselves.  He  will no doubt teach those truly  seeking to be His footstep followers all they need to know relevant do the healing arts that they may require. in striving to do God's will accurately and serve their fellow man .  This is timely too, as we are told that the healthcare system is on its last legs, with billions of dollars to be coming out of Medicare shortly and Medicaid doctors extremely hard to come by. This healthcare stinginess is spreading across many lands as  economic troubles persist  and patient loads multiply. So this is the time to realize, that 1) our Creator put us here to thrive and prosper telling Adam that he was given 'all vegetation bearing seed'  to enjoy (doesn't that rule out GMO crops entirely? 2) We can learn how to benefit ourselves with what the Creator of all provides so as to feel confident that we can handle most emergencies that may come our way in upsetting circumstances, without falling apart permanently. 3) Even if codex alimentarius DOES become 'the law of the land" shortly, and complex herbal formulas in capsules  or pills are emptied from our store shelves, we can get by with a basic recognition of what plants even in our own environment can do for us, and plant others as we see fit, for our own benefit  and those in our care.  Until such insanity runs its course, of course. 

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